How Loud Is Roof Replacement? | What to Expect for Roofing

May 9, 2022

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Are you a homeowner needing reroofing and asking, is roof replacement loud? This is a fair question, as you might want to leave home during any disruptive repair project! Also, homeowners might want to consider if roof replacement might upset children and pets in the home.

The simple answer is yes, roof replacement is often somewhat loud. However, you don’t necessarily need to leave the house during this work. Check out some added information about reroofing noise and other similar concerns. You can then decide how to manage that disruption for yourself and your family!

Is It Loud When You Get Your Roof Replaced?

To some extent, roofing services are often loud and bothersome to a home’s occupants. Contractors need to scrape materials and pull up shingles and tiles. Also, they’re consistently tossing those materials into a nearby dumpster.

During this work, contractors also nail new shingles and tiles in their place. They might also pound new flashing onto the roof, curving it around gaps and roof eaves. In turn, roof replacement often means lots of loud scraping, banging, pounding, and other such sounds.

Also, note that roofers tend to yell a lot during their work! A foreperson might need to give direction to someone while they’re working. Consequently, they often yell from one end of the roof to the other. Roofers might also yell from the rooftop to workers below, and vice versa.

In addition to this noise, note that roofing often involves vibrations that reach interior spaces. Pounding new shingles and tiles into place means heavy vibration that travels over the roof materials. Roofers walking over the roof also mean bothersome vibrations to the spaces below.

A contractor performing roof replacement

Is It Safe to Stay Home During Roof Replacement?

It’s typically safe to stay inside your home during a roof replacement. Other than heavy vibrations and some dust accumulation, a homeowner shouldn’t worry about disturbances during roof repairs and reroofing.

On the other hand, note that walking around outside your home during reroofing isn’t safe! Roofers toss shingles and tiles into nearby dumpsters, as said. In turn, you might suffer injury if they should miss those dumpsters while you’re in the area. Additionally, falling nails and other debris risk injury to anyone below.

Lastly, consider that vehicles often need to move in and out of your property often during reroofing. These vehicles might bring in more supplies, take away full dumpsters, replace portable toilets, and so on. Consequently, homeowners should be aware of the danger of moving vehicles going in and out of their driveway during roof replacement!

Do Roofers Need to Come Inside?

One common question homeowners have about reroofing is if roofers need to come inside. Rarely do roofers need to access your home’s interior during a roof replacement. However, a roof repair contractor might ask to access a home’s attic or upper floors during an inspection. Holes in an attic roof or damage to interior framing alerts a contractor to needed fixes.

Also, note that roofers should supply their own toilets, handwash stations, and other such needs. They should also bring water and refreshments for themselves and their crew. In turn, you shouldn’t expect to have roofers inside your home during needed repairs or reroofing.

Duration of Roof Replacement

Standard residential roof replacement typically takes just a day or two. If roofers face inclement weather or complicated repairs, the project might take 3 days to a full week or longer. Also, roofing contractors might need even more time for especially large homes, sloped roofs, and other such architecture.

Contractors performing roof repair.

How Long Does Roof Replacement Last?

Roof replacement durability depends on materials chosen and your roofer’s expertise! Assuming you hire a qualified roofing contractor, note how long you can expect a new roof to last:

  • Asphalt shingles usually last at least 20 years. High-quality shingles can last 30 to 35 years.
  • Slate lasts anywhere from 60 to 100 years or more! Additionally, heavy slate isn’t likely to blow away in high winds or strong storms.
  • Metal roofs often last 40 to 60 years, although some last even longer. Contractors might also install metal panels over existing roof materials, where allowed.
  • Clay tiles might last 40 to 60 years or more. Watertight clay is also an excellent choice for tropical areas or those in especially rainy areas.

While these are typical lifespans, remember that how well you maintain a roof over the years affects its longevity. For example, avoid DIY power washing! Excess pressure strips shingle granules and can damage flashing and other materials. Also, walking on a roof unnecessarily can damage shingles, tiles, and other materials.

Should You Choose Roof Repairs or Replacement?

When considering how to address roof damage, you might wonder if repairs or full-scale replacement is the right option. Your roofing contractor is the best source of information when it comes to your structure’s roof! However, note the roof’s age when deciding. If it’s near the end of its expected lifespan, replacement is a better choice!

Also, consider if roof replacement might offer added interior insulation and enhanced curb appeal. A new roof might also increase property values! Above all, note if extensive repairs might cost as much as roof replacement. In that case, consider a full-scale reroofing project.

Homeowners should also note how long they’ll be in their home. If you aren’t planning on selling anytime soon, invest in a high-quality roof material. For example, a new metal roof might be the last one you need to purchase during your lifetime! An updated roof might also coordinate better with your home’s exterior, for a stunning look you’ll love.

The Winston-Salem Roofers is happy to help answer the question, is roof replacement loud? We hope this helped you understand what to expect during roof replacement. Also, if your structure needs repairs or reroofing, call our Winston-Salem roof repair contractors. We offer expert services guaranteed in writing. Above all, we start every repair and replacement project with a full-scale inspection. For the most reliable roof repairs in the area, give us a call today!


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